Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scientist Alfred Del Just Discovered Alien Subspecies

You are first to witness the newest breakthroug in science. Renowned biologist Alfred Del identified, captured and dissected a live alien in his Massachusets laboratory. I remember my first alien dissection as if it where yesterday. I was walking through a cornfield, when all of a sudden I tripped over a soft and moist alien cadaver. I was so exited I even forgot to mark in my map where I had found it. My friends had just left. We had eaten mashed potatoes and brocoli. When I arrived at my mother's barn I was all sweaty because of the work I had done earlier cleaning up the silo. I reached for my dissection instruments and came ate the cadaver with might, wanting to explore every single part of that magnificent biological creation. After countless hours of cutting, I was at what seemed to resemble the human nervous system. I remembered everything I had learned for my Biology AP exam, so I was able to identify all of his body-parts. When I was done, I consumed what was left of the creature. I needed no evidence. I did not want anyone to find out, as many othef alien encounter persons. I extremely recommend dissecting aliens, it is an activity everyone should experience at least once.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Paranormal Experience

When I was about eight years old I went outside to gaze at the stars, when suddenly I heard some noises that appeared to come from the darkness. As I peered at the moon, I saw what seemed to resemble the shape of a watermelon with dark soft red eyes. Without wait, I attempted to run away, but I was paralyzed. The strange being was talking in a strange dialect, similar to indian languages, but for some reason I was able to comprehend every sound. After about four minutes I was alone, slowly recovering from my paralyzing fear. I quickly pulled out my camera and took a picture from a distance, as the strange creature left, leaving behind a strange sensation of awe.